The Faculty of Sharia and Law, in cooperation with the ICRC, welcome the participation of researchers and scholars in the International Conference “International Humanitarian Law in Light of Islamic Sharia - Implementation Guarantees and Contemporary Challenges” from the Palestinian, Arab, Islamic and international universities and other local and international organizations, institutions and bodies through their researches and papers for the conference.



The paper or research submitted should:

   1. Be related to one of the conference themes.

   2. Be in either Arabic or English.

   3. Be distinguished by creativity and indigenization.

   4. Contribute to having realistic solutions for the contemporary developments.

   5. Follow the scientific research methodology.

   6. Not have been submitted to any other party/body before

   7. Not be submitted by more than two researchers if it was a joint effort.

   8. Meet the defined deadlines for submission of abstracts and research papers.